The squirrel’s guesthouse "Canterbury"

Nakasatsunai-mura,Tokachi,Hokkaido,30km South of Obihiro City
Our guesthouse is in one of the most beautiful farm villages
of the Tokachi Valley.
In our forest at our guesthouse you can see
the rare squirrel and wild bird a plenty.
Our meals are local and fresh with a domestic style cuisine


~Include dinner and breakfast~
Domitory room 4900yen
Private room 5400yen(2persons use)5900yen(single use)
~Include breakfast~
Domitory room 3750yen
Private room 4250yen(2persons use)4750yen(single use)
~Without meals~
Domitory room 3150yen
Private room 3650yen(2persons use)4150yen(single use)

We provide a Japanese style set of bedding(called futons)
From Nov. to Apr. 200yen addition(heating cost)

From JR Obihiro station by bus,Take bus No.60 for Hiroo(about 1 hour)
Get off at the Nakasatsunai bus stop.We will pick you up from there.
Or By airplane. we will pick you up at the Tokachi-Obihiro Airport.

<Reservation and Inguiry>
Tel : 0155-68-3899
E-mail : tkom-obo@oboe.ocn.ne.jp
Adress : 285-25,Higashi-4sen,Minami-tokiwa,Nakasatunai-mura,Kasai-gun,Hokkaido